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Calql8 Investments is located in Canada with ISIN # CA13136B1058 and Cusip # 13136B105.

Our Mission

To create effective and client-focused CIT and Cash Management Services to grow long-term partnerships.

What We Do

Cash-in-Transit (CIT)

Cash in transit services for fulfillment of the banks and ATMs

ATM Services

Managing both in-branch and offsite Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) for uninterrupted cash flow.

Vault Service

The company will provide a secure vault to store valuables

Technology Solutions

Develop and provide cryptocurrency security solutions

Guarding and Security Solutions

Providing Security personnel expertise in the Field of security

Event Security

Providing Security to various events in Dubai

Our Goals

CALQL8 Investments Ltd will strive to meet the following objectives as it accomplishes specific keys to success:

  • Grow its B2B client base through developing superior customer experience and long-term partnerships with businesses.
  • To innovate and expand the services in line with client feedback, always keeping ahead of trends in security.
  • Remain attuned to the marketplace and integrate products into the business mix that meet the targeted audience’s needs.
  • To have at least a 90%+ referral rate from clients.
  • To be a client-centric brand through high customer service levels.
Associate Corporates
Security Partners

Our Goals

Over the five years to 2020, the armored transportation services industry has mainly experienced growth in line with the economy. As the economy has expanded, consumer spending climbed, and the number of cash transactions increased. Revenue grew an annualized 3.6% to $3.2 billion, despite an 11.8% decline in 2020 due to decreased consumer spending amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Offerings

The Company will purchase a fleet of fully equipped armored and secured vehicles that meet international standards. The fleet will include sophisticated elements, such as CCTV, Siren, Panic alarm system device with vehicle immobilization in the event of an activation, a Global Positioning System to track vehicle movement, and a backup and response unit.

Competitive Advantages

→ Has an experienced and knowledgeable management team with years of experience in security and the CIT space.
→Offers services for a wide range of markets from medium to large organizations, retail stores, and commercial banks, creating a sustainable growth model.
→Has a robust training and screening strategy for new staff.
→Gives clients insights into customer behavior.
→Will continue to grow services in line with feedback and to develop a client-centric brand.
→It is easy to replicate this model in all states.

Keys to Success

→ Ability to compete on tender

Competing for new contracts and having a high rate of contract renewals ensures good cash flow.

→ Fast adjustments made to changing regulations

Firms must monitor changes to the state regulations that affect this industry and adapt accordingly.

→ Close monitoring of competition

Since the industry is competitive, firms must closely monitor their competitors for service and price changes.

→ Having a good reputation

Maintaining a reputation for quality service helps move clients away from solely price-based competition.

→ Use of most efficient work practices

Efficient work practices, including wages, training, and staff benefits, can reduce the labor turnover rate, which can be high.

About The Organization

CALQL8 Investments Ltd plans to start its Cash-in-Transit (CIT) division as it has identified an opportunity and gap in the market for efficient CIT and ATM services. This requirement has been significantly heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic due to disruption in the supply chain. The Company will serve a range of markets from medium to large organizations, retail stores, and commercial banks, creating a multi-channel growth model.

Our Objective

This plan aims to provide investors with the information necessary to evaluate the scope and future growth of CALQL8 Investments Ltd. In addition to serving as a road map for management.

  • Significant market need exists when analyzing the growth of the CIT market
  • Management team has extensive experience and knowledge of the security and CIT sectors
  • Team will seek other opportunities to grow the number long term partnerships
  • Correct capital structure will allow for a long-lasting, profitable, and sustainable business.

Our Experience

Team Leaders

Steve Hodson

( President and CEO )

Steve Hodson is the dynamic CEO of the Company. He is a former member of the British Military and an expert on close protection. During his service in the British Army with the Royal Military Police, he provided close protection for British Ambassadors, High Ranking Officers, and Government Officials.

Habib Arif

( Managing Director CIT )

Habib Arif has been in the security industry for over 28 years. He is a former Policeman and carries extensive and comprehensive security operational, training and management experience gained from service in a large international organization. His primary expertise is CIT (Cash-in-Transit) services.

Shaukat Mehmood

( General Manager CIT )

Shaukat is ex-military personnel. He has been in the security industry for over 25 years. His expertise is in CIT, and he served G4S for five years, running a fleet of armored Cash-in-Transit vehicles. He has a rich knowledge of CIT requirements based on his experience in the Middle East market.

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CALQL8 Investments Ltd (also referred to as “the Company”) aims to bring a client-centric and efficient approach.

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(+1) 506-317-1280


Canada Address
214-96 Norwood Ave., Moncton, NB E1C 6L9, Canada

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575 Madison Avenue, Suite 1006, New York, NY 10022, USA