Cash In Transit (CIT)

The COVID-19 pandemic has also presented the CIT services with major challenges of managing cash in every single ATM machine to keep day to day life going.

At the beginning of the crisis there was a particularly strong demand for cash among the population. Many CIT companies had to make special trips to fill ATMs or to supply banks with cash. Private security officers provided an essential service during the months of lockdown to guarantee people’s access to cash.

CIT Service is in higher demand since post-covid situation presents risks due to unemployment, uncertainty in the market place which raises higher risks. Therefore, all large superstores and outlets handling cash requires CIT services. Further due to reduced bank time and staff numbers more requirements to fill the ATM machines have come and demand is kept on increasing.

The technical and safety aspect of the company guarantee the effectiveness of the deployment of the escorting armed officers by providing them with “shock secured cash caddies”, sealed bags, “cross pavement carriers”, appropriate dress and boots, bullet proof jackets and other self-protecting equipment as per international norms.

Services Provided by CIT:

  • Cash in transit
  • Money Processing and Reconciliation
  • Valuables in Transit
  • Cash Management Solutions
  • Cash Deposit Systems

Cash In Transit (CIT) Services counts amongst its customers a number of medium to large organizations in the various sectors of the economy including Commercial Banks.

In line with best practice, our CIT Operators will be fully trained with relevant track record in “Cash in transit” operations. The training program which the CIT personnel will be followed to covers areas like escort walking drill, anti-ambush drill, offensive and defensive drill, self-defense as well as handling and safe usage of weapons.

Only candidates that will be selected for the job will have excellent character and with a clean criminal record, that are proved beyond doubt during the screening process, will be inducted in our CIT Team.